May I pick the tenant that goes into my home?

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whittaker here.

Short video on questions owners ask. So, the question I’m doing right now is, “Can I pick the tenant that goes into my home?”

I mean, this is a logical question, because, I mean, you know, you wanna know who’s going into the home that you’ve lived in and you wanna make sure that it’s a good tenant.

The answer is, if you use professional property management, generally the answer’s no. Reason being is because we have to abide by federal fair housing laws, and if we let you pick, we could get in trouble from a fair housing standpoint.

Now, I know you wouldn’t intentionally do anything from a fair housing standpoint, that you would intentionally violate it, but we could get into issues where we unintentionally violate fair housing laws. And so we can’t open ourselves up to that.

So, you know, what we hope is that you’ll use our expertise, our history, our ability to pick the right tenant, and let us do our job. And, you know, we’re really accustomed to finding really good tenants. So, that’s the answer to, “Am I able to pick my own tenant to go into my house?” Thank you.