Making Your Home Freeze-Proof Alabama Rental Managers

How to Make Your Home Freeze-Proof?

It seems like the winter is almost over, but after enduring a blistering-cold December and January – where temps dropped at times into the single digits – we can’t say we’re out of the woods yet. In fact, more cold weather could strike at any moment, which means certain parts of your home are vulnerable to Jack Frost. As professional Alabama rental managers, we’ve endured enough icy winters to know the toll a cold snap can have on a home and those in it. Here are a few tips to make your home freeze-proof. Protect Your Spigots Believe it or not, your spigots on the outside of your home are actually points of vulnerability for your water pipes, which are notoriously vulnerable in many homes to a hard freeze. No one wants to deal with burst pipes, so one solution is to protect your spigots. Before it gets too cold, cover your spigots with insulation of some kind. You can purchase special hoods or sleeves, or you can improvise one out of dish towels, newspaper, and duct tape. If there are gaps between the metal and the side of the home, be sure to fill those as well. (Oh, and be sure to remove all hoses first.) Leave a Little Running Pipes most often burst because pressure builds up in the pipe due to water not having any place to go as it freezes and expands. To remedy this, leave at least one faucet in your home running during the night. You don’t have to open it all the way up; a small stream of water will do. This helps relieve the pressure that can cause a pipe to burst. Block Out the Cold One of the worst things about a cold winter is the cold air, the breezes that blow in through vents, cracks, and other openings in your home. If your home has a crawl space, cover or close the vents if there is no safety issue in doing so. Talk with your utility company; your furnace or water heater may need fresh air to function. Be sure to look for and fix any drafts that come in from the floors, walls, windows, and doors. Keeping cold air out of your home will also help with your utility bills in addition to keeping you comfortable and warm.