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Inexpensive Upgrades to Improve a Home

In property management, part of the job is about attracting the right types of tenants to the right types of homes. If you own a rental property, you want it to be occupied with good tenants. In today’s world, tenants have a wide range of options, and they’ll typically only go to the most attractive and appealing homes on the market. That means your property needs to be in tip-top shape. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your home with expensive features, or completely renovate your property. There are inexpensive things you can add to your home to make a difference and make a home more appealing. Install Outdoor Lighting One thing that helps is installing outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting – especially around the mailbox, along the walkway leading up to the front, around the front door and garage, and out back on the patio/deck – can accomplish a couple of things. It can make a home appear more inviting and sophisticated; it can also make a home appear safer and more secure. Plant Low-Maintenance Foliage A well-manicured and well-landscaped lawn is appealing to virtually any home owner. Make things easier on yourself from a maintenance standpoint and plant foliage that doesn’t require a lot of care and supervision. Suggestions include Elijah Blue fescue, Rose Glow Japanese barberry, hydrangeas, Chinese fringe trees, verbenas, and other similar plants. These all require little maintenance and look great. Clean, Repaint, and Upgrade the Exterior There’s a lot to be said for a home that has a clean and updated exterior. You can add a fresh coat of paint, or simply pressure-clean the entire exterior. Replace old fixtures, such as hinges, knobs, and hangers, with new fixtures that are bright brass or brushed nickel in color. Repaint the front door with a vivid color. Pressure-clean the driveway and walkways, too; a lot of grime can build up over the years. These are all simple and inexpensive things you can do to improve a rental home. Contact us for more property management advice for your portfolio of homes.