If I am a real estate agent, why would I work with evernest?

Why Would I work With Evernest?

Hey there. Matthew Whitaker here. Another segment of “Questions Owners Ask.” Today I’m talking about real estate agents. So, “If I’m a real estate agent, why would I work with evernest?”

Well, the first thing I’d like to talk about is how you can use us a resource for information. Sometimes your owner’s house just won’t sell and you need rental information on that house.

I mean, the last thing you wanna do is lose that listing. You want that listing to be able to come back to you one day and you may need some information to understand, to help the owner make the best decision for themselves.

The next one is, you certainly don’t wanna turn the house over to somebody who’s not a reputable management company. And that’s what we are. I’ve been managing rental houses for 15 years, I’ve been doing it for others for almost 11 years. So you wanna turn it over to somebody who knows what they’re doing.

And the last thing is, for real estate agents, there is a $555 referral fee that we pay for each house you refer to us. So not only is it in the client’s best interests sometimes, but it’s also in your best interests financially.

So that’s it. That’s “Questions Owners Ask.” Talking about real estate agents today, “If I’m a real estate agent, why would I work with gkhouses?” Thank you.

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