If I Buy A House Can You Renovate It For Me?

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here. I wanted to do another video.

This video is called “If I Buy a House, Can You Renovate it for Me?” So this is under the “Questions Owners Ask” series.

The answer is absolute yes, we can renovate the house for you. There are a few steps we’re going to go through to renovate that house.

The first step is we’re going to go out and write up a report, create

Scope of work on that report. So we’re going to take pictures, put it all in the report. And then this next step is we’re going to create an estimate based on that scope of work, send you the estimate through email.

You’re going to look at it, you may have some questions which we can certainly answer. Just look at the pictures, look at the line item by line item that we’re going to get done. And then you either approve or decline that estimate.

If you approve the estimate, what we ask you to do is go ahead and send the money to us. Now that feels a little bit weird. Most people are like, “I don’t pay for work to get done before it gets done,” and I totally get that.

Now you’re not paying for the work to get done. You send us the money, we put your money in your owner’s account, and then we will disperse that on your behalf which I’ll talk about.

So you send us the money to get it done, we stick it in our trust account. It is safe and sound there.

The next thing we’ll do is we will get our vendors out there to get the work done.

Once the work’s done, and we’re sure that it’s been done we will pay the vendor afterward. And that feels a lot better to you, but a lot of people don’t understand the mechanics of that.

But that’s the answer to the question. Yes, we can absolutely help you with your rehab.

In fact, we love doing it because we love being able to get these houses in shape and in a condition that we can deliver, we know that will rent, know tenants like.

So I hope you have a great day. This is Matthew Whitaker with Evernest.

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