How Much Do I Get Paid To Refer A House To gkhouses?

If you are a Real Estate Agent and refer a house to gkhouses, we will pay you $555!

What’s up, real estate agents? My name is Matthew Whitaker and today I am going to talk to you about what happens when you refer a house to gkhouses.

I am the founder of gkhouses. And you clicked on this because you are interested in working with us, and we absolutely want to work with you if you are a real estate agent.

So the big question is, how much will we pay you for a referral?

If you have a client and maybe you can’t sell that house. Or you have a client that is interested in renting their house and that’s not something you do, you can send that house to us.

And when we lease that house we will pay you a referral fee of $555. When the house gets rented and the tenant moves in and essentially they pay their first month’s rent, we are going to send your broker a check for $555.

You can also lease the house for us

So if you have a tenant that you’re interested in leasing one of our homes, first thing you need to do is get set up as a vendor and there’s a video on how to get set up as a vendor.

But if you lease a home for us and you show the tenant the house, we’ll pay you $250.

So you have a tenant who wants to see it, $250. If you refer a house to gkhouses, that means you have an owner with a house, $555. So that’s it.

That’s another installment of Questions Owners Ask. If you have a client and they have considered renting their home, please tell them about us. We would love to give you $555!

This was actually from a real estate agent. I am Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

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