How to Protect Your Deposit

How to Protect Your Deposit

We’ve all been there before. Upon leaving our rental home, we are shocked to find that our rental deposit is a lot smaller than it was before – if there’s anything left.

alabama rental managers Rental deposits are things we give up freely at the beginning of our lease and really don’t expect to get back ever. Believe it or not, though, you can protect your rental deposit and make sure you get as much back as possible. It all goes back to knowing what the security deposit, ultimately, is used for. Professional Alabama rental managers like gkhouses.com use the deposit to basically restore the rental home to the condition it was in before you began your lease, minus normal wear and tear.

Here’s how to protect that deposit and get the most back at the end of your lease.

Take Pictures at the Beginning of Your Lease

Make sure you document the appearance of the rental home as soon as you move in.

This is so you can have a reference for what the home looked like and what it should reasonably look like once again at the end of your lease – minus normal wear and tear.

Speaking of…

Learn What ‘Normal Wear and Tear’ Means

This phrase might be in your contract. If so, consult with your professional Alabama rental managers to figure out what that means and what their expectations are.

There is no industry-standard definition. Typically, very minor blemishes and marks of being lived in – like a few small nail holes for hanging pictures, or a scuff mark here and there – are okay. Things like carpet stains, pet scratches, and anything broken typically aren’t.

Give Your Home a Good Cleaning

Finally, before you move out, give your home a good cleaning from top to bottom.

Ideally, you’ve kept on top of small repairs during your lease. You’ve hopefully also promptly reported any repair request to your landlord.

If so, you should be good to go just by making sure your home is in great shape. To do this:

Thoroughly clean all carpet, walls, windows, and furniture (if furnished)

Clear away any trash and don’t leave anything behind

Return all keys to your landlord

Remove all of your belongings

Replace all non-working light bulbs with bulbs that work

Clean all counters, mirrors, ovens, tile surfaces, and bathroom surfaces (Make sure to disinfect them too)

The goal is to make your rental home as clean and spotless as possible. You can also repaint the home’s interior if you chipped, scuffed, or otherwise removed paint; it may be cheaper to do it yourself than to let the landlord hire someone to do it later – and pay out of your deposit.

Be proactive and keep your home in tip-top shape. You’ll have a much better chance of getting your security deposit back in one piece.