How To Lose A Great Tenant In Birmingham?

Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. And today, I want to tell you how to lose a great tenant in Birmingham.

So great tenants are if you own a rental property, great tenants are what you want. It is what we believe your most valuable asset.

Yes, your house is valuable, but your tenants are just as valuable because they’re going to be the ones taking care of the house, they’re going to be ones paying you rent.

And so when we find a great tenant, it’s important that we keep that great tenant.

Keep Them Happy!

And to keep that great tenant, a lot of times you have to keep them happy. You know what, tenants do leave.

There doesn’t have to be some incident for a tenant to get upset and leave.

And they could just be changing jobs or moving to a different location. Or they could be buying a house.

They could, you know, just want to rent a different house.  There are other reasons that people move.

I Had A Tenant For Nine Years!

Because I know I had a tenant for nine years in one of my houses, and she turned in her notice that she was going to move.

I reached out to her and said, “Hey, is there anything I can do to keep you in this house? You’ve been a great tenant.

Whatever it is, you name it, I’ll be happy to do it.” And she just said no, there was the situation with her family, her mom’s health wasn’t great so she was going to go move in with her mom.

To me, that made perfect sense. I hated to lose that great tenant.

But that was no fault of my own.

So How To Lose A Great Tenant In Birmingham, Really The Number One Reason

That we see is when maintenance requests are not handled in a timely manner. So this is a big one.

As you can imagine, being a property management company and managing several hundred houses here in Birmingham, we get a lot of maintenance requests.

I mean, there’s a lot of things that happen in a house when somebody lives in it.

You Don’t Always Fix It Right Away!

Now, if you’re the homeowner and you’re living in that house, when something breaks or something goes wrong with the house, you don’t always fix it right away.

I mean, I know, living in a house for…I’ve lived in the same house for the past 21 years, and we love our house, but it’s not perfect.

And so when we get to things, you know, it’s just kind of on our own time.

Tenants Don’t Necessarily Think Like That.

If something happens in that house, doorknob breaks or something like that, I mean it could be anything, they’re going to want that taken care of because in their minds they’re paying rent for this house to work exactly the way it should.

And so they’re going to call in a maintenance request.

Number Two (How To Lose A Great Tenant In Birmingham)

The biggest complaints that we get as a property management company are when maintenance requests are not handled in a timely manner.

And sometimes, I mean, that maybe our fault. Like, we dropped the ball, we didn’t get back to them as soon as we possibly could have.

But more times than not, it’s because of one or two things. So maybe it’s a little bit bigger repair, and we had to get our owner involved in it, and they’ve drugged their feet, they’ve just kind of been slow in responding.

Or The Second Reason Is that the owner does all of their own maintenance.

And when that happens, and you have somebody who doesn’t do it professionally, they don’t have a lot of contacts, like if you’re a bigger investor and you’ve got handyman that works for you, that makes sense.

But if you own one house, maybe own two or three houses, you typically don’t have somebody on staff.

And so it’s much more difficult to find somebody reliable to go when you need them to go.

What is going on?

So, when this happens, we’re the ones that get the calls, we’re the ones that get the visits, these tenants will come back to our office, you know, email us and say, “What is going on? Why hadn’t somebody been out here?”

Then we have to get back in touch with our owners. And so, that’s the way that you lose a great tenant.

So if a great tenant feels like they’re having trouble getting maintenance requests done at the house, then more than likely, if they’re a great tenant, that means that they can go find another house like yours and rent it for the same price, market price, and possibly it will be taken care of a little bit better.

My Advice To All!

And my advice to you as a landlord, as a property owner is, like, this is the number one thing you need to do.

The number one thing is you need to find a great tenant, then second of all, you need to make sure that tenant stays in the house.

The Way You Do Matters!

And the way you do that is to make sure they’re taken care of and most of that revolves around maintenance request.

All right, so if you want to avoid losing a great tenant, make sure that you take care of them, make sure that you get those maintenance requests and take care of them as quickly as possible.

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