How To Find The Best Property Manager In Denver

How do I know who the best property manager in Denver is? (How To Find The Best Property Manager In Denver)

Hi, I’m Matthew Whitaker with Evernest and I’m going to talk you through some ways you can tell who the best property manager here in Denver is.

The First Thing I’d Like To Say Is It All Starts With The First Impression.

When you reach out to a property manager, how quickly do they call you back?

If they don’t call you back very quickly or they don’t pick up the phone and answer the phone, then that’s obviously a problem.

That’s a sign of things to come.

And you’re trying to buy something that they’re selling and you want to know that they’re actively out there wanting to do that.

If a property manager’s too busy to call you back, then that’s going to be a huge, huge, huge problem.

So, I would trust your gut on the first impression. Super, super, super important.

The Next Thing I Would Say Is How Many Homes Does This Property Manager Manage?

While it may be that they’re a boutique-style manager that manages kind of 300 homes or less.

They may be a big property manager that manages in the, you know, the large hundreds or maybe even thousands of units.

And you also need to know for you, what’s important to you?

A boutique-style manager while may feel really good and kind of a mom and pop world.

Feel Good Factor!

It may feel really good for you to be able to have the cell phone number of the property manager.

But there are also some negatives that come with going with the boutique manager.

In terms of kind of service level, inconsistent service levels, or you might try to go in with a bigger property manager.

A big property manager probably has more consistent service levels, but may feel a little more impersonal to you.

They really run on systems and processes and you may even change property managers once or twice throughout the lifetime of that relationship.

The Third Thing I Would Say Is Look At Their Online Reviews.

Now, I’m going to teach you how to look up their online reviews because you don’t just want to open them up and start reading all the one stars.

One of the things I would look for is owner online reviews and not a tenant or resident online reviews.

Owner…because of our relationship with our owners, if you think about it, we are basically a fiduciary for owners, people that own rental homes.

You’re Reading People! (How To Find The Best Property Manager In Denver)

And so, you’ll want to make sure you’re reading people that are in your position.

There are times where owners or we will have to make decisions that are not necessarily in the best interest of residents or tenants.

And they get frustrated by that.

So, that’s where a lot of those online one-star reviews come from.

But you’ll want to make sure you sort through those reviews and try to read the ones that say that they are owners.

Now, Somebody Like Us!

We’ve certainly screwed-up relationships with owners before.

And We try to make that right.

We’re not a perfect company, but if you look through our owner reviews.

I think you’ll find that generally speaking, 9 out of 10 of our owners are super happy.

The Last Thing I Would Say When You Reach Out To Somebody Is Talk To Them About Communication.

One of the things that’ll become very important to you throughout the life cycle of your home in our property management system is how we communicate.

    • Are you an emailer?
    • Are you…would you want to talk on the phone to somebody all the time?

Make Sure That You Are Very Clear!

So make sure that you are very clear on your expectations of communication.

We’ll send, you know, someone like us and most property managers will send you regular owner statements.

But you want to make sure that they’re communicating to you when things go wrong.

Because those are kind of inflection points in our relationship as a property manager and an owner.

So, I hope that’s helpful.

I’m Matthew Whitaker with evernest.

If we can help answer any of these questions, I hope you’ll reach out and ask.

Thank you.

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