How Renters Can Save Money When the Weather Turns Cold

Birmingham renters just endured a few days last week of bitter cold that is normally reserved for our cousins up north. As temperatures plummeted into the single digits during the night, we all faced the ordeal of not only dealing with the weather, but with the bills that result from it.

What can you do to buffer yourself from the chill and the cash drain? How you can help cut down on your utilities during the cold months?

As professional Alabama rental managers, we have a few suggestions that can help.

Zone Heating Is Your Friend

The automatic response to falling temperatures is rising thermostats. This only increases your bills, though, and honestly may not be necessary.

This is where zone heating comes in. Instead of raising the thermostat, try using space heaters and other portable heating devices to assist with heating only the rooms you’re in at the moment.

(Just be careful when you’re using space heaters; keep all combustible material away from the heaters and be sure to unplug them/turn them off when not in use.)

Find Leaks in Your Home

Even in properly-maintained homes, leaks happen. They’re inevitable. Finding them and working with your professional Alabama rental managers to fix them up can work wonders.

Some of the prime spots for leaks include window and door frames, all air ducts, electrical outlets, recessed lighting, flashing and seals around the chimney, and any kind of surface that can present a gap between the interior and the exterior.

Holding a lit stick of incense or a candle to these places can help you find drafts that cost money.

Turn Down Your Water

You can also turn down your water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit – or even 115 degrees – if it is set to a higher setting and save money.

You more than likely won’t notice the difference, and you’ll save money since a chunk of our heating bill each month comes from heating water.

Want more tips to save? Check our post from earlier for more information.