How Much Work Can Evernest Do On My Rental Home Before They Call Me?

How Much Can We Go Up to and Do Maintenance On Your Home Without Calling You?

Hey, everybody. Matthew Whitaker here.

Today I’m doing “Questions Owners Ask.” And I’m talking about our maintenance limit. In other words, how much can we go up to and do maintenance on your home without calling you, talking to you.

So, we currently have a $500 maintenance limit on all new clients that are coming in.

That means that any one item that’s below $500, in other words, we make a trip out there as long as we don’t spend $500 we don’t have to notify you.

This keeps us from annoying you. Obviously, every time we have to reach out becomes kind of a logistical issue particularly when there’s the small items, the $100 and $200 items.

So, the answer is, anything under $500 we’re just gonna handle it, not bother you, put it on the statement and send it to you.

Take it out of the rent money that comes in. So, that’s it.

That’s about maintenance limit. This is Matthew Whitaker with “Questions that Owners Ask.”

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