How Much Do You Charge For Maintenance In Chattanooga?

Alex Smith here from gkhouses, Chattanooga, with another edition of Questions Owners Ask. Today’s question is, “How much do you charge for maintenance in Chattanooga?”

This question has a two part answer: third-party vendors and in-house maintenance.

Third-Party Vendors

Here at gkhouses, we only dispatch licensed, insured, and bonded third-party vendors for big jobs like plumbing and HVAC.

We send a work order directly to them, and they go out to the property. Any job that falls under the $500 maintenance reserve, they go ahead and do.

Anything that comes close to or goes over that $500 maintenance reserve, they put together an estimate of hours needed to do the job and any materials associated with completing it. We then send that to you for approval before we dispatch them to go out and fix the issue.

You can feel free to ask us any questions that you have during the process.

If you have someone else that could handle the job for cheaper, that is perfectly fine too.

In-House Maintenance

We handle any work other than plumbing and HVAC in house.

For general handyman jobs, the rate we charge for maintenance in Chattanooga is $78 an hour in labor. We also charge you for materials, which can vary in price depending on the job.

As with third-party vendors, any job under $500 we go ahead and do.

When we send your owner statements twice a month you’ll be able to see the work orders, how much we spend in materials to do the job, and how many hours it took. Feel free to ask us questions.

Anything that comes close to or goes over the $500 reserve, we send you an estimate of hours and materials needs do the job.

Once you approve, we go ahead and do the work, or you can send someone else to take care of it.

The work we do may sound expensive, but if we do the maintenance work, you don’t have to deal with the headache brought with dealing with vendors or rehab crews, etc.

We take all that off your hands and give you some peace of mind. All of our work comes with a 12-month warranty.

Our 12-month warranty states that if we fix something and the problem arises again within 12 months, we will fix it with no cost to you.

If you have any other questions about what to charge for maintenance in Chattanooga, feel free to reach out to us! We would love to talk to you!

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