How Many Hours Do You Need To Work To Pay Rent In Denver

Lecturer:  Let’s talk about How Many Hours Do You Need To Work To Pay Rent In Denver. So, this is another chart that’s actually from smartasset.com that we pull data from. It’s actually taking in the number of hours worked to pay rent. So, it’s basically how many hours do you need to work to pay for your rent in large cities? Well, no surprise. California takes the top three slots. San Jose is close to 90 hours. LA is close to 88, San Diego is close to 86.

Man 1: So, they’ve gotta work over two weeks to pay the rent?

Lecturer: Yeah. And the other two weeks probably goes to taxes, right?

Man 1: Right.

Lecturer: Or something like that, where the stat is. New York is no surprise. Boston, no surprise. San Francisco. And then Denver comes in next, they’re like six or seven. So, we’re at 69 hours for the average worker to pay their rent. And actually, as you can see as we go down, right around here, a lot is just 66, 64, 63 for this next swathe. Houston, Phoenix, Charlotte, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Jacksonville, Fort Worth, El Paso, which really surprised me, Chicago, I thought it would be higher as well, surprised me. But Nashville is about 61 hours. And as you get farther down, it’s less. Seattle, 61, Memphis, 60, Philadelphia, Detroit, Columbus and DC and Indianapolis get in the high 50s. So, yes. Is Denver expensive? Well, it depends on where you’re coming from.

As we were talking about, we have a lot of people from California moving to Denver. I think they’re moving out to a lot of places besides Denver. But hey, great. If you’re coming from California to Denver, man, things are on sale. Now, if you’re coming from, you know, El Paso or Alabama, things are looking more expensive. And I talked to people, I’ve been in Denver for 30 years and they say, “Oh, my gosh. Denver’s so expensive.” It’s all relative. And so, people, it’s not too expensive yet for rent, for hours worked.


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