How Does Maintenance Work For My Chattanooga House?

Hey everybody, Alex Smith here from gkhouses, Chattanooga. I wanted to talk to you today about how does maintenance work for my Chattanooga house?

So this is really going to only apply if you sign on with us, you know, if you’re self-managing, obviously you would have to maintain relationships with your vendors, contractors, etc.

But this is GK specifically, how does maintenance work with GK.

So, The First Thing I Wanted To Talk To You About Is The Maintenance Reserve.

What the maintenance reserve is, is like an account floor. It’s an account minimum.

So, the minimum for us is $500.

And what that means is, you know, say you rent your house for 1500 a month.

We’re going to take 500 out of that first payment to fill your maintenance reserve.

Now, you can either use the rent money to fill it up, you can go ahead and fill it up.

When you sign on with us either, whatever works for you, that doesn’t make a difference to us.

Reserve Is For Is Anything Under $500!

But basically what the reserve is for is anything under $500.

Any repairs under $500, we’re just going to go ahead and do so that way.

You’ve got peace of mind that things are getting done, we’re not calling you for every single thing like you know doorknobs broken or, the window won’t open, toilets are running that kind of stuff.

Like you probably don’t want to hear about that.

Maybe you do. But most people don’t want to hear about every little nit-picky thing like that.

That’s why the maintenance reserve exists, is so we can go ahead and take care of those repairs.

Go Ahead And Do Anything!

So yeah, anything under 500, we’re going to go ahead and do anything that’s going come close or go over $500.

We’re going to send you an estimate with a breakdown of labor and materials.

And you can either have us do that, at that point or if you know, if somebody who could do it for maybe a little bit less, or what have you, you can go ahead and send them out there too.

That’s how it works for anything over 500 is we’ll send you an estimate.

And then you can make the call if you want us to do it, or, excuse me, or if you have somebody you know, that could do it.

And Then For, In Terms Of What You Get With Our Maintenance

So all of our guys are insured, all that good stuff, you also get a 12 year guarantee on any work performed.

If there’s any repeat repairs, that need to happen from as the result of work we’ve done in the past, those repeat repairs are gonna happen at no cost to you for for a whole 12 months.

Let me make sure I got everything here.

So I’ve got a few owners that are big fans of the maintenance reserve.

Every Nit Picky Thing!

You know, as I mentioned earlier, they just don’t want to be bothered with every nit-picky thing.

They would just rather put their rental house on autopilot and let us handle it and we’ll reach out to them for anything that’s going to be over the maintenance limit.

There are people that have maintenance limits over 500 dollars.

If you really don’t want to be bothered with a whole lot, you could set it for whatever you want it really doesn’t matter.

But that $500 or whatever your maintenance reserve is, is always gonna be in your account as long as there’s money coming in to fill it back up.

Assuming it gets used in the first place.

If It Doesn’t Get Used, Then You Don’t Have Anything To Worry About.

But that money is always going to be replenished either by an owner contribution from the owner or from rent money coming in if there’s maintenance.

So if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Again, my name is Alex Smith. I’m here in the Chattanooga office for evernest.

You can give me a call (423) 648-7368 extension 3 or you can shoot me an e-mail [email protected] See ya.

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