How Does Maintenance Work For My Birmingham House?

Hey, this is Spencer Sutton here with evernest. And today, I want to answer the question, “How does maintenance work for my Birmingham house?”

So if you become a client of evernest, really the question is here in Birmingham, how do we work maintenance?

I’ll be happy to go through that with you, it’s something that typically everybody is asking about.

And so this is the way I explain how maintenance works.

Once you sign a management agreement with evernest, we are going to ask you to leave us with a $500 reserve, we’re gonna hold that in your account.

And so if your tenant calls while we’re managing your property, if your tenant calls and they put in a maintenance request, so I’m going to use for an example, let’s just say the kitchen sink had a leak in it and it was leaking on the kitchen floor.

If They Called Us!

If they called us and said, “Hey, I need a plumber, there’s water running all over the kitchen floor,” then we know that that’s not gonna be a super expensive fix, it’s going to be below that $500.

So we’re going to go ahead and send one of our plumbers out there to take care of that.

Once they take care of that, we’re going to pay for that out of that $500 reserve.

When The Tenant Pays The Rent

And then when the tenant pays the rent that month or the next month, we’re going to replenish that $500 to get it back up to that $500 balance, that reserve fund, and then we’re going to send you the rest.

Now you would see all of that detailed on your owner’s statement so that you could see, “Hey, this is what happened, here’s what we went and did, and here’s how much it cost.”

And then you would see the tenant’s money going back into that reserve fund to make sure that was back up to $500.

So what happens if a repair is over $500?

Well, that’s a great question because at that point, anything that’s over $500, we consider that, you know, more serious by nature and we want to get you involved in that situation and get you involved in that discussion.

So we’re going to reach out to you and say, “Hey, Mr. or Mrs. Owner, here’s the situation.”

We’re Going To Reach Out To You!

Let’s just say the tenant called us and said that there was, you know, a leak in the main out to the sewer and the front yard was flooded, that’s probably going to be a bigger issue than $500.

So we’re going to call you, talk to you about it. We’re happy to go out and get you an estimate and say, “Hey, this is exactly what it’s going to cost to get this under control, to get this fixed for you.”

Your Are Welcome For Another Quote!

And at that point, you can tell us to go ahead and take care of the situation but if you want to get another quote or something, then you’re more than welcome to do that and you can, you know, get a quote.

If you wanted to use somebody else, you can do that as well. Our whole goal though is to take care of that tenant as quickly as possible to make sure it’s done efficiently.

Some Fixes Are A Bit More Expensive!

But also recognizing that some fixes are a bit more expensive to take care of so you want to have a little bit more input in that and that’s perfectly fine.

All in all, ultimately we want to take care of the tenant and to make sure they have a good experience even though there’s this bigger repair to take care of.

What we have found is that tenants leave houses or tenants get upset and don’t renew leases if they don’t feel that maintenance is being taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

So We Want To Make Sure That Happens.

Again, if we can keep a tenant happy and keep them in the house then that is going to be much more cost-effective for you than a tenant leaving and having to turn that house, like rehab that house or paint walls, clean or replace carpets, things like that.

There’s typically always something, so it’s going to be a lot less expensive plus the vacancy that happens when somebody moves out.

That’s how we would handle maintenance on your Birmingham house at evernest.

I would also point out that it’s important to note for us that our people that we use, everybody that we use is licensed and insured, so that’s a big deal.

You know, we want to make sure that you’re protected, and then also we have a 100% maintenance guarantee. So any kind of work that we do is guaranteed for 12 months.

If for any reason because of our workmanship, if something were to go wrong with that fix, let’s say that kitchen sink started leaking again and we went out there, it was because of our workmanship, then we’re going to replace that at no extra charge.

So not only are you getting licensed and insured evernest employees that we can control the quality but also you have a maintenance guarantee.

But that’s to answer the question, “How would we handle maintenance on your Birmingham house.”

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