How do you handle maintenance issues on nights weekends and holidays?

What Do You Do About Maintenance On Nights, Weekends, and When You’re on Vacation?

Hey, everybody. Matthew Whitaker here, and I’m doing another “Questions Owners Ask,” and I’m at the lake, and it brought up a question that I was thinking about, “What do you do about maintenance on nights, weekends, and when you’re on vacation?”

So I wanna start with a quick story. Two Christmases ago, I get a call, mid-morning, there’s a sewer backed up. And we were able to handle that sewer backup on a house in Nashville, but one of the most interesting things is I think these are the times that it is the most important for you to hire a property manager.

So what do we do? Well, first of all, we have a dedicated phone line, 24/7, 365, to handle all, like, maintenance calls. Now all of them aren’t emergencies. Some of them are just normal maintenance calls. So for the normal maintenance calls, what we do is we put those work orders in.

The emergencies, though, are what we’re worried about. So, the emergencies, we have dedicated vendors that are ready and available to go out and fix the issues, the emerging issues on nights, weekends, and on holidays. If it’s needed, they’ll also call us, so they have our number, the phone service has our number, and if there’s something we need to handle, we will handle it on those nights, weekends, and holidays.

So that is, “How do you handle maintenance issues during holidays, nights, and weekends?” This is Matthew Whitaker, “Questions Owners Ask.”

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