How Do I Know if My Landlord is Legit?

How do you know if your landlord is legit?

This is a serious issue that you need to resolve before you lease a house. In this video, Matthew Whitaker is going to walk us through three reasons why it’s important and then three ways you can tell if your landlord is ‘legit’.

How Do I Know If My Landlord Is Legit


Understanding if your landlord is ‘legit’ is a big deal. In this video Matthew will walk through three reason WHY you need to know and then three WAYS to tell if your landlord is legit.

Hey, everybody. My name is Matthew Whitaker, and I’m the Birmingham Team Leader here at GKHouses.com, and I want to talk to you about a question that I think the tenants need to be asking more is, “How do I know if my landlord is legit?”

I’m going to outline three reasons why first.

Why you need to know whether your landlord is legit.

  1. The first reason is safety. The last thing you want to do is move into a home where you don’t feel safe. And so one of the things that a property manager like us is very focused on is making sure that we’re providing a safe place for our tenants to live. Now, that may mean a safe place from a crime standpoint, it means a safe place from a system standpoint, like electrical systems, plumbing systems. Our goal ultimately is safety.
  2. The second thing would be maintenance. You want to make sure that maintenance items are taken care of in an appropriate manner. So that’s the second reason why. That’s the reason you’re going to leave a house is because of maintenance, if maintenance items aren’t taken care of quickly.
  3. The last reason is foreclosure. We live in a town where there’s a lot of people getting foreclosed on, and if you go with a reputable, legit property manager, they’re going to kind of insulate you from this whole idea of the owner is getting foreclosed on. Now, they can’t protect you from getting foreclosed on, from that house getting foreclosed on, but I think it’s very important that they’ll be able to protect you from the fact of disclosing things to you, giving you some of the appropriate information, and then also accounting for your security deposits so that a landlord that is getting foreclosed on doesn’t run off with your security deposit.

All right. The next thing we’ll look at is the how to tell.

What are three great ways you can tell if your landlord is legit?

The first thing is to go check with your real estate commission, with the State Real Estate Commission. Most property managers are required to be licensed brokerages of the Real Estate Commission. That means that they’re licensed agents, they have licensed real estate brokers. That’s a very easy way to find out if your landlord is legit.

The second thing I say is go to their office. If you’re worried about this, do they have an office? Do they have a place where you can go talk to somebody? I think that’s very important that they have a location where you can get in front of somebody if this is a fear of yours.

And the third way is testimonials. We’re connected via the internet these days. So I think it’s very important for you to be able to go out and find some information on these landlords whether they’re legit or not. Now, certainly landlords, we’re in a very conflicted business, so you’ll probably find some positives and some negatives about landlords, but the important thing is if there are testimonials about them, then you’ll know that they’re probably a legit landlord.

So again, this video is entitled, How to Know If Your Landlord Is Legit. We urge you to find out if your landlord is legit because I think safety, maintenance and protect you from foreclosure. So I think it’s very important for you to do that.