Matthew Whitaker Named to ACRE Leadership Council

We’re proud to announce that our very own Matthew Whitaker was named to the Leadership Council of the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE). ACRE, located at the University of Alabama, collects, maintains, and analyzes the state’s real estate statistics and provides leadership, research, and forecasting for the state’s real estate professionals. As a part of the ACRE Leadership Council, Matthew will help focus on long-term growth and development of the Center, provide insight and counsel on current market trends, and enhance the sustainability of ACRE through vision, resourcefulness, and creativity. Matthew has over a decade of experience in the single-family real estate business and will be a great asset to ACRE as it continues its mission to advance real estate in the state of Alabama. We’re excited by his inclusion to ACRE’s Leadership Council and are confident that he’ll serve that organization as well as he has served our clients and tenants over the years.

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