Evernest Attends Birmingham Landlord Meeting

Our Team Meets With Landlords

Section 8 property management is a big part of the Birmingham real estate market. For that reason – and to better serve our residents – we stay up to date with the latest developments that impact our tenants and owners. Last week, Matthew Whitaker, the team leader of gkhouses.com, property manager Bryan Miles, and office manager Donnie Honaker attended the Birmingham Section 8 Landlord Meeting to discuss vital topics that involve Section 8 property management and future trends. At this meeting, we covered a variety of key issues, including:

The impact of the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Housing quality standards for all Section 8 properties

2013 Housing Assistance Program Payment Standards

Management and staff structure changes for Birmingham Section 8 management for 2014

Terminations of Assistance and Housing Assistance Program contracts

The first topic is perhaps the foundation of Section 8 property management. Signed into law in 2006, the act covers residential landlord/tenant relationships in Section 8 properties and governs several elements of the rental experience, ranging from how much security deposits can be to who is responsible for making all necessary repairs and renovations to properties and how to keep them in “good and safe working order”. How tenants can handle issues they believe are in violation of this act and other agreements is a big part of the tenant/landlord relationship. Unfortunately, residents are not always aware of their options. At gkhouses.com, we believe a well-informed tenant is a happy one, so it’s important for us to be well-informed as well and ensure education is available. Anyone who has any questions about the Section 8 program or how we manage these and other properties under our responsibility should contact gkhouses.com or call 205.940.636

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