Evernest Optional Services

Evernest Seasonal Services

Please provide the following:
1) Name
2) Property address (street name, number, unit number)
3) Property location
4) Your desired services

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've previously opted into one of the below services, these will not change unless you inform us otherwise.**
Price may vary by size for certain projects. If any service goes over your maintenance limit, an estimate will be submitted for your approval.

If you have more than one property and would like different services on each, please submit a new request or follow up directly with your Property Manager. Otherwise, list all properties you wish to include and select the desired service(s).
Spring & Fall HVAC Service:
$185 per visit, $85 per additional HVAC Unit at the property
Gutter Cleaning:
$175 per visit, $50 per additional story (Please note, this pricing is for Single Family Residences. For multifamily buildings, we will provide quotes on a case-by-case basis)
Lawn Care (Mow, Edge, Blow):
Price will vary based on size
Spring and Fall Yard Clean Up:
$300 Per Visit. Includes trimming bushes, blowing/raking leaves, removing and debris, and cleaning up planters and flower beds
Sprinkler Turn On and Turn Offs:
$325 (This includes both the turn on and the turn off which is consists of two service trips)
Fertilizing Lawn:
$150 per visit
Pressure Washing Exterior of Home:
Price will vary based on home size, number of stories, and additional items requested such as porches, decks, and driveways
Winterization of Vacant Property
$250 (Pricing could vary based on additional items that are included at the owner's request. If the property is occupied at the time of service, the service will not be completed.)
Sewer Main Inspection and Clean-out
$300 per visit
Dryer Vent Cleaning
$150 per visit