Consider This a Warning…Clean Your Gutters

We sent an email to all of our owners a couple of months ago urging them to either send us out to clean their gutters or hire someone else to make sure that job is done before serious damage can occur.

This video was shot just a week ago after we received a call from a tenant about water damage inside their home. Watch the video to see what happened when these gutters weren’t cleaned.

Consider This a Warning…Clean Your Gutters!


Regular maintenance and care for your rental house is extremely important. In this video we talk about how something as simple as allowing your gutters to become clogged can possibly lead to greater d…


Spencer: So we got a call from a tenant that they were having some water damage in one of their downstairs rooms. We came out to check it out and this is what we found.

The issue is, is that we’ve got a lot of clogged gutters, there are leaves, and so, these gutters haven’t been cleaned in, from what it appears, probably two, three, four years.

And this is a result of clogged gutters, as you can see, all of this, the water drains down, it comes off of the gutters, and it creates this ditch that now has to be filled up and repaired, along with the gutters cleaned, along with the basement damage that needs to be repaired.

So you’ve just seen, outside, how the gutters are full and the water comes off the roof into the gutters and overflows on the ground, and then this is the result of what happens, so we’ve got to…

This is a room, this is a basement in a house, a row house, and the tenants typically don’t come down here a whole bunch, but when they started coming down here they noticed that some damage had been done to the house.

And this is what has happened just because the gutters were full and the water overflowed. So, you see here, all of this, water is coming through, (we cut this out to take a look and see what’s going on), and the carpet is now damaged. So what we’re going to have to do is, we’re going to have to cut out and replace all this sheetrock around here, all because we didn’t take the time to clean the gutters, and this is part of the issue.

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