Carpet or Hardwood? Advice from Professional Property Managers

What Should the People Who Rent Your home Walk On?

That is one question many homeowners and potential landlords don’t think to ask at the beginning. It’s understandable; there are a million other questions that come up in the course of putting a home on the market for rent. But what type of flooring you use – carpet or hardwood – actually makes a difference. Here are the pros and cons of each, from professional property managers. Carpet: Pros and Cons One of the most commonly-used flooring options is carpet. We’ve all grown up on the carpet at some point. It’s soft and feels great under the toes. But not every homeowner wants it in his or her home. Pros

Cheaper than wood to install

Easier and faster to install than hardwood


Warmer during the winter

More variety in style and design


Requires more upkeep

Harder to clean spills and get rid of stains

Not as durable

Doesn’t last as long

Hardwood: Pros and Cons After 1980, hardwood started coming on strong. Now, almost half of homes in the country have hardwood floors. Pros

Easier to clean

Lasts longer than carpet

Doesn’t stain

Made from a sustainable resource

Looks stylish


More expensive to install

Not soft like carpet

Takes longer to install

Less variety than carpet

Can be scratched, especially by large pets

There are other considerations, too. Take pets, for example. If you allow pets in your home, you may want to go with hardwood floors. Pets can tear up carpet and stain it, but can’t do much to damage hardwood. The décor and style you plan for the home may also dictate your flooring. Some schemes and themes go better with carpet, which is more versatile. Others may go better with hardwood floors. And then there are areas that involve water of any kind – kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, etc. Here, tile is best. Whichever you choose, think first of your flooring when deciding to renovate or remodel a home, and go from there. Some homeowners prefer the low-maintenance, high-style look and feel of wood, while others like the low cost of carpet. Consult with professionals at gkhouses.com if you need more information on making this and other choices.

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