Can you rent my house with furniture in it?

What’s up, everybody? Matthew Whitaker here, and I’m doing another installment of “Questions Owners Ask.” Let’s jump right into it. The question today is, “Can you rent my house with furniture in it?”

Should You Let Your Property Furnished?

So, the answer is an absolute yes. We can rent your house with furniture in it. I just wanna make sure that you know some things about what that’s like and give you some things to think about it.

Number one, when you rent your house with furniture in it, there’s actually less demand for that. So, most people already have their own furniture and are not looking for a house that has furniture in it. So what you do is you take this huge supply of potential tenants and you kind of shorten it down to some very small kind of subset of tenants. That’s a subset of tenants that are looking for furniture or houses with furniture in it.

Who are those people? Typically, those people are like corporate housing people. So somebody moves into one of these cities that we work in, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga, Little Rock, and they are staying for a certain amount of time, maybe they live in another city, they’re just commuting here for work during the week or they’re just gonna be here for two years, maybe their office is paying for this rental and they’re just staying. It is like a corporate housing situation. So that’s a potential opportunity to rent to.

The other thing that houses with furniture make is great short-term rentals. Now that’s not something that we do, but short-term rentals typically have the furniture in it because, obviously, you’re not gonna move your house into a house you’re gonna rent for a week. So just think about that. Those are few of the questions that you need to think about. Short-term rentals are kinda like Airbnb.

But final thought is yes, we absolutely have rented houses and will rent houses with furniture in it. I just think it’s very important that you know what we are looking for and what tenants are looking for and that you have all the information before we try to do it.

This is Matthew Whitaker. The question is, “Can you rent houses with furniture in them?” And the answer is, yes. Thank you.