Can I Rent My House Furnished In Chattanooga?

Can I rent my house furnished in Chattanooga?

Alex Smith here from the gkhouses office in Chattanooga with another installment of “Questions Owners Ask.”  Today’s question is: Can I rent my house furnished in Chattanooga?

At first glance, offering this option is appealing. It is convenient for the tenant or potential tenants because they don’t have to move with any stuff! Everything is provided for them.

It is also convenient for you in that maybe you’re moving to a new house and you don’t want to move any of your stuff.

Moving is universally regarded as awful. As an army brat, I moved six or seven times, not including the times I’ve moved as an adult. Not wanting to move any of your stuff, is perfectly normal.

However, renting out a furnished house is much more difficult than it appears. You have to have the right kind of situation for this option to work out.

Typically, the most successful scenario for a furnished rental is when an executive individual moves into a trendy downtown condo.

The more people moving, the more increasingly difficult furnished options become. A family with children would not likely work out, but one person would find it a convenient option.

Another reason it doesn’t always work is when people are going in to view a house on the market. Prospects have a difficult time visualizing how to make the house their own with your furniture in place.

Tenants don’t typically want to take on the additional responsibility of somebody else’s belongings.

Again speaking from personal experience, when I move I know some things end up damaged while I live there. But when it’s my stuff, I can live with it.

Tenants might not want to take on the responsibility of somebody else’s items, and you might not want that either.

This decision is ultimately up to you. You can always try it out and see how it works. However, based on my experience, I would advise against offering a furnished home in Chattanooga.

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