Can I leave a room or basement off limits to the tenants?

What’s up everybody. Matthew Whitaker here.

I wanted to shoot a video, about a question I got received recently regarding rental houses and the question this owner asked is . . .

“Can I leave like a room or a basement off limits to the tenants, and leave some of my stuff in it?”

So, the answer is an absolute, “yes,” but let me tell you what the caveat is. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t think tenants really like it.

They don’t like to not have full access to the house.

We’ve had owners do this in the past but the tenant doesn’t feel like they fully are living in the house when you make a room or basement off limits.

This is obviously done a lot in short-term rentals, but in long-term rental homes, like the homes we manage, it’s just not a very popular thing to do.

When we tell tenant prospects who come to look at the house, this typically frustrates them.  It may even frustrate them to the point where they don’t rent the house.

Hope that’s helpful. Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.