What Do Property Managers In Chattanooga Do?

What do property managers in Chattanooga do?

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Alex Smith here from gkhouses, Chattanooga with another installment of Questions Owners Ask. Today’s question is, “What do property managers in Chattanooga do?”

The short answer? We do all the stuff that you don’t want to do or that you might be tired of doing if you are self-managing your home right now.

To break this answer down, we handle the entire life cycle a house goes through.


While the house is vacant, a property manager should shine at marketing. We put the house on websites that will maximize leads. We manage those leads, drive prospects to view the house, and push them to fill out applications.

Our job is then to find a good resident, to vet them properly, and to make sure they will pay rent on time.

When an owner self-manages, many tend to fall victim to stories the resident fabricates. A property manager will have more resistance to such traps.

Managing a Resident

Once we lease a house, the next step is managing the resident.

If for some reason a resident is late on a payment, which is sometimes inevitable, we handle all the communication involved in collecting the rent due from the resident every month.


Another thing your property manager does is accounting.

We keep precise exact accounting record of what money comes in and what it is spent on, such as maintenance.

We make this available to our owners in twice monthly owner statements.


The last piece is managing maintenance. If you have ever managed a rehab or worked with vendors of any kind, you probably know how much of a pain this can sometimes be.

We are here for peace of mind. We have in-house vendors (gk employees that do maintenance for us), and we handle third-party maintenance. We handle all of it for you!

Sometimes this process can get messy, but that’s what we’re here for! Our job is to make your life easier. For more information, you can check out the benefits of property management!

And if you want to learn more about investing in Chattanooga real estate, check out this video we shot.

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