How Much Do Property Managers Charge in St. Louis

Property managers take care of a property for investors who don’t live nearby or don’t want to manage the property personally. They can collect rent, handle maintenance requests, find qualified tenants, and more. They also enable you to buy real estate outside where you currently live, which means you can invest in areas with high growth potential. One such market is St. Louis, MO, where home prices were up 9.5% from last year. As of June 2022, the median home price was $230K.

The cost of hiring a property manager largely depends on where your property is located, alongside factors such as the property type and the number of services offered.

To help you understand what to expect in terms of leasing and property management fees in St. Louis, we put together this article comparing six property management companies in the area and the various fees they charge.

Before we begin, it’s important to know there are instances when a property manager (specifically, Evernest) might not be a great fit for you. In this video, we lay out a few ways to know for sure:

Leasing Fees for St. Louis Landlords

You will first encounter a leasing fee when working with a property manager. A leasing fee usually covers the work of finding a tenant for the rental property. This could include any of the following:

  • Marketing the property 
  • Holding showings 
  • Screening applicants 
  • Preparing the lease agreement 

You might use a property manager only during leasing, opting to handle ongoing management once a tenant is placed.

Leasing fees can be fixed, but they are usually calculated as a percentage of the first month’s rent. The average leasing fee in the St. Louis area is generally 50-100% of a month’s rent.

Some companies will offer a lower leasing fee with a more premium membership tier, including Evernest and the Kunkel Wittenauer Group. 

Company Leasing Fee (% of first month’s rent)
St. Louis Property Management 100%
Kunkel Wittenauer Group 50-100%
Evernest 0-50%
Amoso Properties 100%
Mogul Realty 100%
Smart Rentals 100%


Fixed vs. Percentage-based Property Management Fees in St. Louis

Most property managers will charge a fee to manage your rental on an ongoing basis. In this case, the cost will depend on the services included — the more hands-on you want your property manager to be, the higher the fee.

A property management fee will either be charged as a flat monthly rate or as a percentage of your monthly rent. These fees vary based on rental rate, property type, and service scope.

In St. Louis, flat fees generally run between $100 and $ 180, whereas percentage fees range from 8% to 10%.

Company Management Fees
St. Louis Property Management 10% or $120 max per unit
Kunkel Wittenauer Group 8%
Evernest 8% or $89-179
Amoso Properties $94-124
Mogul Realty 10% or $100 max per unit
Smart Rentals 10%

Repairs and Maintenance Fees

Your property manager may also take care of maintenance and general property upkeep. This may be less expensive than handling these concerns on your own because most property managers will have partnerships with local vendors and contractors that allow them to negotiate a lower price.

Most property managers will require you to keep a minimum reserve repair fund on hand to cover the cost of any specific repairs. Your property management agreement will specify the minimum amount you must keep in your reserve repair fund.

Leasing Renewal Fees

When an existing tenant wishes to renew their lease, your property manager will charge a lease renewal fee to cover the costs of negotiating and completing lease renewal documents. This fee can also be charged as a flat fee or as a percentage of rent. Some property managers may also waive lease renewal fees.

In St. Louis, lease renewal fees generally range from $100-250.

Company Renewal Fees
St. Louis Property Management $150 for 12 month’s lease
Kunkel Wittenauer Group $150
Evernest $0-200
Amoso Properties $275 for 12 month’s lease
Mogul Realty Information not available
Smart Rentals Information not available

Vacant Unit Fees

Your property manager may charge a specific vacant unit fee if your unit is left vacant. They may also charge their regular property management fee instead of a specific vacancy fee.

At Evernest, vacant units are subject to our monthly management fee. That covers the cost of monthly inspections while the vacant property, providing you with peace of mind.

Eviction Fees

While it’s not common, unfortunately, you may inevitably find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to evict a tenant. A property manager can handle evictions for you. Sometimes evictions are included in the monthly management fee. Other times, these will be charged as a separate fee.

At Evernest, eviction protection is included in our Platinum pricing plan, but landlords can also purchase an eviction protection plan as an add-on for an annual rate of $200.

Company Eviction Fees
St. Louis Property Management Included in the monthly management fee
Kunkel Wittenauer Group Included in the monthly management fee
Evernest Included in the Platinum plan or available as an add-on for $200
Amoso Properties Included in the monthly management fee
Mogul Realty $400
Smart Rentals Included in the monthly management fee

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Routine Inspection Fees

A property manager will typically handle all routine inspections for you. Inspections are essential for ensuring that your rental is well-maintained by your tenant and for identifying problems before they become costly repairs.

In St. Louis, inspections are generally included with the leasing or monthly property management fees, whereas additional inspections are available for a flat fee.

Company Inspection Fees
St. Louis Property Management Move-in/move-out included, $100 per additional inspection
Kunkel Wittenauer Group $125 annual property inspection
Evernest Move-in inspection included $0-149 annual property inspection
Amoso Properties Information not available
Mogul Realty Included in the monthly management fee
Smart Rentals Information not available

Contract Termination Fees

Some companies will charge you an early termination fee if you terminate your contract with your property manager early. These fees can vary greatly, so take note of this in your contract before you sign.

At Evernest, we think you should be able to stop working with us if you are dissatisfied. It’s our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Factors Affecting Property Management Fees

Many of the above fees were included as ranges because several factors can influence the final cost of property management fees. Here are some examples of factors that can affect your costs:

  • Property type: Depending on whether your rental property is a single family home, a multi-family apartment complex, or a commercial property, the fees charged by your property manager will vary.
  • Property size: This can also influence fees because larger properties may require more maintenance than smaller ones.
  • Property condition: A newer or renovated property may require less maintenance than an older property.
  • Neighborhood rating: If your rental property is located in a neighborhood with higher rents, your property manager may charge more than if it is located in a neighborhood with lower rents.
  • Market competition: If there is less competition for property managers in your market, they may be able to charge higher fees.
  • The extent of services: Ultimately, the scope of services provided by your property manager has a significant effect on the fees they charge. For instance, rent collection requires far less investment from a property manager than providing 24-hour tenant communication, maintenance management, and financial reports.


Hire Evernest As Your St. Louis Property Manager

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Let us prove it to you. We guarantee that we will find a qualified tenant for your St. Louis rental property in 21 days or less, or your first two months of management with us are free.

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