Birmingham Named Most Exciting City in Alabama

As professional Alabama property managers, we like to keep up with the local scene – and not just the real estate scene. Part of our job is understanding local communities and keeping in touch with what’s going on, for our tenants and our property owners. It was with a lot of pride, then, that we read a story in the Birmingham Business Journal this week about how Birmingham was named as the most exciting city in the state of Alabama. This survey was conducted by Movoto, a real estate listing service. Movoto took a look at 64 cities that had a population of at least 10,000 and evaluated them on criteria such as nightlife per capita, arts and entertainment, parks and outdoor activities, non-fast food restaurants, the number of residents aged 18 to 34, and population density. According to the survey, 28 percent of Birmingham’s population is aged 18 to 34. Birmingham ranked fourth in the state for music, arts and entertainment options, and number 8 for active life (outdoor and recreational activities) options. And as we all know, Birmingham is filled with awesome restaurant and fine dining options, all throughout the metro area. The Magic City has gotten a lot of positive press over the past few years for its array of dining selections, so it isn’t a surprise that Movoto would find the same results. Birmingham also has a rich and vibrant brewery scene to further add to the city’s culture and appeal. Given the diverse options available for nightlife fun, entertainment, recreation, arts, and dining, it’s no wonder why the population of the metro Birmingham area continues to grow and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. We expect Birmingham will continue to be a destination city in Alabama for quite a while.

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