Attention Denver Real Estate Agents! Why Refer a Client to gkhouses

Attention Denver Real Estate Agents! Why Refer a Client to evernest Hey everybody, my name is Matthew Whitaker. And today, I’m going to be talking to all my realtor and sales agent friends out there in the Denver market.

And we’re going to talk about why you would prefer a home to evernest.

So I’ve got my notes right here, I’ve got three reasons that I’ve kind of come up with that I think makes sense to refer us as a property management company to your clients.

The First One Is Money In Your Pocket.

We’re paying what I think is Denver’s biggest realtor referral fee, which is $555.

Actually we pay that when a tenant moves in, once we start getting paid and we know that we’ve rented the home.

So you know, one of the things we offer to your clients is a 21 late day lease guarantee.

Combine All Of These Offers! ( Attention Denver Real Estate Agents! Why Refer a Client to gkhouses )

Which means we’re going to rent their home in 21 days or their first two months is free.

And  we’re trying to combine all of these offers to prove to you that we get your client’s home rented fairly quickly, and once we get it rented fairly quickly, then we’re going to pay you that $555 very quickly.

So that would be the number one reason to refer us a client.

Number Two Is We’re Going To Refer That Homeowner Back To You.

We don’t currently sell many houses in Denver, it’s not a focus of us, not that it wouldn’t be a focus in the future.

But one of the promises we’re going to make to you is that we’re going to give that client back to you when they’re done renting the home.

And typically, what we’ve seen is that your relationship with that client, they’re going to come back to you anyways.

You probably are going to be the first one that actually knows that they’re ready to sell even before we do.

So Some People Think Oh Well How Are You Going To Now

And certainly we’re going to put in our system but really our experience’s been they’re going to come back to you first and ask you questions.

They may even do it like a year in advance and say, “Hey what’s the market doing?” they’re going to be asking you for sales type of information.

“Hey what can you sell my house for now?”

And all that’s going to  happen kind of outside of us even knowing about it.

So typically not a big problem.

The Third Thing Is You’re Solving A Problem

One of the things I found about some of the best agents is that they’re really more of a real estate resource.

And when you solve your client’s problems, you know you could even be a resource for vendors.

Hey, you know, you’ve got a house listed for sale, and they need a plumber.

You could be a resource for a house cleaner, we just want to be a property manager tool or a tool in your agent tool belt.

And so, when you want to pull out the property manager tool, we want gkhouses to be able to be there and you to say, “Hey, I’m going to  refer you to these folks, they’re good people, they’re professional property managers here in Denver, one of the largest,” and be able to hand them off to us.

So that’s three reasons why you would refer us to your Denver clients.

And my name’s Matthew Whitaker, thanks so much for watching.

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