How Much Do I Make for Referring You a House to Rent?

How Much Do I Make for Referring You a House to Rent?

What’s up, real estate agents? Matthew Whitaker here.

Wanted to give you a heads up about something I’m really excited about.

We’re trying to improve our relationship with real estate agents. So, for right now, if you refer a house to us, and once we lease it, so, it’s maybe a house you can’t sell, or a client that you have that you know has rental properties, we will pay you $555 per house you refer us, once the house is leased. So, I think that’s pretty exciting. I think that’s way more than anybody else is paying in the market.

And I hope you’re as excited about it too. So, if you have a client that you don’t wanna lose, maybe they don’t have enough equity in their house, maybe you have a client that you’ve helped buy a bunch of rental property, I hope you’ll contact us and let us rent the house, manage the house, and then give the client back to you.

You make $555 when we lease that house.  Thanks so much. Matthew Whitaker with gkhouses.

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