5 Ways That Professional Property In Nashville Pays For Itself

Hey there. This is Duncan Murphy with gkhouses. I wanted to do a video today on 5 ways that professional property management in Nashville can really pay for itself.

So, you know, it might be my kind of looking at it selfishly being a professional property manager but I do think there are five great ways that seeking out professional help can really help you in the long run.

First Of All The Most Important Is Securing A Tenant Very Quickly

So marketing is a great way that our professional property manager can help you.

Having market…or understanding of the market for listing a property, having a brand or market awareness with prospects can go a long way.

So, you know, oftentimes if somebody is out looking for a new home they are clicking tons of different links.

If we, you know, a professional property manager has that kind of awareness, you know, they’ve seen gkhouses a couple of times on different properties can really gain their attention and hold their attention when looking for a new home.

A Second Way Is Professional Property Manager Can Really Help You Mitigate Risk

So having an understanding of the state’s landlord-tenant law is very important, not only is knowing that huge long document important but also being aware of changes that can happen from time to time.

So having an active involvement and the NARPM chapter for the area.

Nashville NARPM has a great chapter where a bunch of like-minded professional property managers are.

You know, very aware, very tuned into any kind of changes that are going on with landlord-tenant law.

Third Way Is Through Underwriting

One thing that I feel is a trend is that those kinds of, you know, maybe a sneaky bad prospective tenant, they are not going to come looking forward to renting a house from a professional property manager.

They’re going to seek out that single-house owner privately-listed property because they might not have such stringent underwriting.

We, you know, processing thousands of applications, we are able to have a very good system, very good criteria for approving and declining our applicants.

So that’s very important if, you know, we have it down to a system and a process, so we can really work through those again, mitigating risk.

Whereas if you just, you know, sign up for one of these systems and you do maybe a handful every year or so can really, you know, open yourself to some possible risk there.

A Fourth Way Is Through Maintenance.

Every property owner’s a least favorite topic but I feel it pays to have a professional property manager handle your maintenance.

Because we are only sending, you know, our vetted, licensed and insured third-party vendors.

I’m fortunate enough to have two gentlemen on staff here in our office that, you know, I trust these guys.

So when I send them out on a tenant’s work order I know that they are understanding kind of, “Hey, this all leads back to a property owner.”

Find The Best Diagnosis For It!

I’ve got you to know, find the best diagnosis for it, estimate what needs to happen to be a final repair but also we are going to guarantee that for years.

These guys understand that.

And same goes for our vendors, you know, they are in the industry, they’re understanding, “Hey, this is a rental property, gkhouses is my contact but I know that there’s a homeowner in the mix.”

How they interact with coordinating and scheduling with a tenant is important there too.

And Lastly, It’s The Golden Rule Of Time Is Money

So, You Know, Communication On The Front End Of Finding A Tenant Can Be Very Intensive.

You know, I speak with prospective owners that are coming over to us who say, I’ve had my house on the market for a few weeks.

Now and I just can’t keep up with, you know, responding to everybody’s texts and everybody’s emails and meeting somebody and then they just cancel on me without telling me.

Maybe A Delay In Rent For The Month!

And even when, you know, we get past the stage of placing a tenant in the home and it is tenant communication, you know, working through if there’s, you know, maybe a delay in rent for the month.

Or questions about their lease, questions about maintenance requests or, you know, adding a pet to a lease and kind of the process that goes into that.

Again, that’s our daily task, we’re constantly doing that, so it’s very systematized for us so something we’ve become very good at.

So five ways I think that professional property management is a true benefit and will pay for itself.

It Is An Expense, It Hits You!

Again, you know, it is an expense, it hits you on the back end but I think it is well worthwhile to let somebody handle the hard work for you, you know, and to help you really have a passive income with an investment property.

So, as always, I’m happy to answer any questions.

Feel free to reach out to me. My name is Duncan Murphy at gkhouses.

So I appreciate you listening.

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