3 Benefits Of Hiring Investor Friendly Property Manager In Nashville

Hey, everybody. This is Duncan Murphy with gkhouses, here in Nashville. Just wanted to do a quick video today on 3 Benefits Of Hiring An Investor-Friendly Property Manager In Nashville.

The First One:

So, again, I’ve kind of boiled it down to what I think are the three-high level benefits to that, first of which would be that property manager is going to want to understand your investment objective.

I know when somebody’s bringing over multiple properties to us, it’s very important for me to meet with the property owners.

I want to see all the properties and kind of get an understanding of the quality of the properties, kind of how the maintenance may have been set up in the past.

Kind Of One-Man Job

If it’s a kind of a one-man job, maybe the property owner has a guy that he only uses for maintenance.

And I want to get to know really where the area, where they’re all located, and kind of what the investor is looking for when they’re looking at a property.

So, that will give me a good judge, kind of the operation as it runs.

And it will help me really start to outline what, you know, what the future or what the following years will start to look like.

We Take Very Seriously

As a property investor, you might have a portfolio of homes, but your asset is always going to be the tenant in that property.

So, it’s something that we take very seriously, and that is tenant happiness.

When it comes to maintenance issues, we want to make sure that we move very quickly to get those handled.

One call resolution is our goal. And also, when it comes time to renew, being sure that we keep those great tenants.

So, you do a lot of work on the front end of mitigating risk, when you’re screening a tenant, when it’s come empty.

Great Tenant

But once you know that you have that great tenant, you want to do whatever you can to keep that tenant.

So, whether it be sending a birthday card, once it comes time for renewal, reaching out way ahead of time.

Possibly, asking if there’s any kind of improvements that could be done to keep them happy and keep them calling that property “home.”

So, that’s something we can learn kind of in the introductory phase.

Second One:

The next big benefit is certain property managers might be set up to be more inviting to investors
You know, we do have a flat-rate pricing plan, but we also offer an investor-type pricing plan, which is the more typical percentage-based.

So, we will look at your portfolio of homes that are coming over, and kind of weigh out the options of flat-rate being the best option for you, or if we could look at that percentage-based charge, and how that will set up into your goals.

Third One

Next is having that property manager in tune with what you’re trying to do with your portfolio of homes and being able to help you source additional properties.

If the goal is to continue building and adding to the portfolio. So again, if you are, you know, if you’re looking in the Antioch area or the Madison area.

I want to have my ear to the ground, listening out for additional deals that might come, pitch those to you and say, “Hey, let me run by, see what’s going on with it.”

And try to help you, you know, help you be dangerous in making a decision if that’s a good property for you to pick up.

You Can Really Lean On A Property Manager

So, you can really lean on a property manager when they are investor-friendly. It’s more than just a one…

You know, maybe some property managers wanna just have a one-off owner or one-off property to manage.

But there’s a lot of benefits to those who can help you with numerous homes in your portfolio. So again, that’s just my thoughts on it.

My name is Duncan Murphy, with evernest in Nashville, Tennessee, happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out to us.

Our email address is [email protected] Feel free to reach out, I’d love to speak with you. Thank you.

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